Trends in Cloud Computing: Scaling the Business

December is Cloud Privacy Month

With the convenience of cloud solutions provided by the largest Cloud Service providers and an eye on the cost of adopting these business scaling solutions. According to research, 40% of organizations are settling more and more on a hybrid cloud (approach) with a combination of the public-private and multi-CSP portfolios. This, along with some  type of traditional infrastructure (i.e. company-owned or co-location /third-party data centers) 

Internal teams have to divide their efforts now between the full management of the local infrastructure and interfacing with their cloud portfolio, while management and finance need to review their budgets and find more pay-as-you-go cloud solutions.

At MPC we have the expertise and the professionals to support your assessment of your choice of cloud providers, through an integrated Privacy and Security Risk assessment and offering Canada’s first free online collaborative Privacy Impact Assessment tool, which you can use to measure the data risk in various parts of your organization. Visit to take privacy-as-a-service for a spin.

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