Trends in Cloud Computing: Digital Health Benefits

December is Cloud Privacy Month

The first week of December marked the Ontario Information Commissioner’s Digital Health week.  We have all been swept by the wave of phone and in-app appointments during the Pandemic. This transformation is here to stay.

We found the justification for the 2020 BakerMcKenzie Digital Transformation and Cloud survey. The top 3 benefits are actually the drivers of the new digital age in healthcare, at least as it pertains to rapid patient access to a medical professional for minor issues. 

A recent study estimates that outpatient virtual care visits in Ontario increased by nearly 70 percent from pre-pandemic levels. Virtual communication platforms have proven to be convenient and effective in allowing patients to get the care they need, sometimes faster than the regular doctor appointment.  Such convenience is particularly effective for people living in rural and remote areas and for older adults or those with chronic conditions, so they can receive care from the comfort of their homes. 

We also heard of collaboration platforms supported by the cloud where scientists and researchers are driving innovation and trying to find solutions for the pandemic and other important treatments for chronic and debilitating diseases. Innovative platforms like patient portals and easy-to-access health apps, can help us take greater control of our own personal health information and empower us to participate more actively in managing our health.

But these technologies must come with privacy, access rights, and security warnings and guarantees while supporting the responsible use of personal health information for research and analytics that serve the public good.

At Managed Privacy Canada we have reviewed many third parties on behalf of our clients and we have a tried and tested methodology to spot, document, and recommend mitigations for cloud risks. Our privacy risk sweeps will point out your organization’s areas of vulnerability, while our privacy impact assessments scan your projects for possible risks. To book your free 20- minute consultation with our Privacy Experts and take privacy-as-a-service for a spin, visit

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