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The only privacy management solution that combines certified expertise with state-of-the-art technology for compliance management and data protection assurance.​

Privacy Compliance​

  • Meet privacy standards and maintain a reputation of trust and integrity.​
  • Adapt to your industry’s specific requirements.​
  • Ensure you are meeting governance standards & mitigate risk.

data inventory

  • Know exactly what you have.
  • Make data processing easy and understandable.​
  • Simplified data flow mapping technology.
  • Incident reporting functions describe how personal data is being collected and used.​

breach response

  • Automated data breach response process.​
  • Scope of breach identified and details accurately gathered.​
  • Detect impacted users and track the remediation process with timely notifications that keep you informed during the process.​

data vault

  • Storage space for your most sensitive data.​
  • Multi-cloud file-sharing and storage with multiple cloud location storage that keeps information available during outages. ​
  • Patented data distribution algorithm protects from ransomeware.​