frequently asked questions

The Playbook is an action plan, systematized and unique to your organization.

The Playbook is a consultation that shows you your path forward. For a limited time, you can take advantage of our expertise.

Like any profession, we know our business, and privacy is what we do. MPC’s certified experts have already done the thinking about managing privacy risks and are ready to share that expertise with your organization.

You can purchase our Playbook here. Once purchased, we will follow up to arrange a time that is convenient to you. To get the most from our Playbook, you will have a little homework to do. Once you’ve purchased the Playbook, you’ll be directed to the self-assessment guide. That guide will help us formulate your plan.

Using our technology platform and our certified experts, MPC will review all aspects of your business that could have privacy risks, including data collection and storage, third party contracts, data flows, and security measures.

With the Playbook, you get access to our self-assessment, our companion guide, a Playbook consultation and a set of policies.

MPC offers you a pathway to the most efficient and risk-free alternative to privacy management available. No hiring, no screening, no managing. Just qualified professionals you can contact any time without additional cost.

No! MPC offers a subscription-based service that gives your organization access to a whole team of privacy professionals that enables you to easily manage Privacy Impact Assessments, requests for information, right to know requests, data service agreements, and third party processing contracts.

This is something new. It is not a virtual DPO; it’s a bespoke service with a broad reach, understanding the issues your business is faced with, all supported by a technology platform that gives you answers at your fingertips.

MPC’s service is a must-have to reduce risk, build trust, and realize return on investment. Businesses that do not have a robust privacy program experience significantly higher costs in responding to security breaches, which results in losing the trust of customers. Businesses that invest in privacy actually see a positive return on their investment.

The biggest advantage of using MPC is that we have done the learning curve for you, reducing the risk of privacy missteps and allowing you to realize the market advantage of a robust privacy program.

We have relationships in the legal profession and academia that give us highly flexible access to the best in the business. We nurture these relationships so you don’t have to.

Our technology platform maps your data flows, giving insights as to how privacy should be managed within your organization, and gives you a dashboard of how the playbook is being implemented.